to Oct 27

The Grail - A hero's quest to himself


Join us for this ground-breaking three-day journey of initiation for men, asking your fullest courage, great hearts, depth of feeling and truth-speaking to transform outmoded patterns in you and the collective. In this secluded bush retreat, you will be guided through various inner processes, meditations and powerful speaking in circle to prepare you for your personal rite of passage. Those who are called know it somewhere deep within. Is it time for you to answer that call?



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to Nov 24

Dancing Freedom - Facilitator Training and Soul Quest Retreat


Dancing Freedom is a conscious movement practice, that supports healthy intimacy, full body expression, loving boundaries, emotional coherency and spiritual awakening for individuals and whole communities.

This is no ordinary training. Our training blends deep somatic, ecstatic and shamanic movement work with collaborative leadership training, soul empowerment, sacred ceremony and community peer mentoring.

Our training intensives are a deep dive into your personal transformation and evolution as an embodied leader. This facilitator training will take you beyond your edges and bring you home to your authentic Self.  You will dance every day, learn new skills for powerful embodied presence and awareness, cultivate amazing new friendships, and flow forward in your own evolution as a leader on the global stage – all at the same time. If you are ready to step deeper into your leadership and join a dynamic, collaborative, spiritual community that is making a BIG difference in the world- while also giving your body the gift of an immersive, purposeful and fulfilling 22 day dance experience- this training is  for YOU!

Dancing Freedom - Be and dance who you really are.


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to Jun 9

Bluegum Bushcraft - Nature Mentor Training Weekend - Learn Bush Skills So You Can Teach Others

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At Bluegum Bushcraft we are passionate about helping mentors find their wings. We are passionate about helping all people be at home in the wild. This workshop is designed to combine the two. It's the first step in a lifetime journey, and we're honoured that you're thinking about taking a step with us.

The Nature Mentor Training Weekend is designed for anyone who wishes to deepen into their own bushcraft and primitive survival skills, moving toward mentoring others into nature connection. Maybe you're a parent wishing to help your kids enjoy more bush time and get outside and off devices. Perhaps you're a teacher wishing to bring more outside play into your classes. Maybe you just love being in nature and you want to learn some bushcraft skills. Whether you have a clear goal of mentoring others or you're just curious about how to be at home in the wild, this weekend is a rich resource to get you in touch with the wisdom of your deepest ancestors.

In these weekends we will meet you where you are at. Whether a fresh beginner or a seasoned veteran, these training weekends will help initiate, deepen or finesse your journey with nature connection, bushcraft and survival skills, and empower your ability to mentor others along their own journey.


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